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Empower Video Production Services

Filmmaking Camp

Learn to create cinema

Empower Video Production strives to expand the knowledge, skill set, and ability for emerging filmmakers to bring their imagination to reality.

This program allows students of all ages above 10 years old to tell stories and express themselves and their ideas through cinematography and film making. Students will learn how to lead as a directors, cinematographer, writers, and actors.

The production program groups individuals in 4 lead by film professionals.

The group will learn to produce a film in the program and showcasing the film later to their close friends and family.

Empower Video Production leads the program.

We will email you and confirm date and time!


Film Your Reel Actor Workshop

Which scene will empower YOU?


Are you an Aspiring actor who wants to be taken serious, but don’t have enough professional looking content on your reel? Are you someone who Wants to reach their dreams of seeing themselves in film?


Empower Video productions is offering aspiring actors and actresses the chance to build their reel with cinematic scenes shot by our team at "Film Your Reel Actor Workshop". We are offering 2 options at the moment. You can choose from.

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